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Books are all readers life and trust me living without them is like having a house without furniture or a body without a soul. It is so hard to not read books. I really pity people when they say that they don’t read books. 75% of my friends don’t read books and I feel really weird between them so I decided to be weirder. I started a blog and reviewed books now that the mess is done, allow me to get weirder and review books.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

A great platform is built for bloggers around the world, this platform helps bloggers review novels that haven’t been published yet. It’s very good and is very helpful. It is called NetGalley. I recently started using this application and reading the books in them.

Bookmarked For Murder by V.M. Burns.

I sincerely thank Kensington Books and NetGalley for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

So let’s start, shall we?

Book Description:

Author: V.M Burns.

Publisher: Kensington Books.

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers.

Chapter: 21 chapters.

Pages: 256 pages.

Series: Mystery Bookshop, #5.

Time: 13 hrs and 30 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 26 November 2019.

Official Review:

Amateur sleuth Samantha Washingtonโ€™s shopping trip to Chicago takes a deadly detour when a man is murdered on her bus . . .

After some post-Christmas retail therapy in the Windy City, mystery bookshop owner and historical whodunit novelist Sam Washington is returning home to North Harbor, Michigan, on a chartered bus. With Nana Jo and her gal pals Irma, Dorothy, and Ruby Mae from Shady Acres Retirement Village along for the ride, it’s a lively trip. But one passenger is not so livelyโ€”a gentleman Irma befriended is found dead in his seat after an unscheduled stop. The ladies immediately shift gears to find out who punched his ticket, while Sam slips into the driver’s seat to make sure Nana Jo and her crew steer clear of fatal conclusions . . .

Review taken from NetGalley.

Critics Ratings:

NetGalley Reviewers: 5/5 stars.

Goodreads: 4.56/5 stars.

Taken from their specific platforms.

My Summary.

After a nice shopping in Chicago, Sam, her grandmother Nana Jo and all her friends from the Shady Acres Retirement Village are returning to their homes in a chartered bus when suddenly during an unexpected break, one of their fellow passengers is found dead in his seat. As Sam and all the others team up and decide to unite and expose the killer, they put the lives of everyone in danger, only to discover that there is more mystery behind the murder and the killer doesn’t like loopholes and interference.

My Summary:

A Must-Read.

This story is a must-read. A great concept and beautifully written novel. I will tell you everything in sequence.


Great characters and my favourite is Sam, that should be obvious. Nana Jo is a really crazy but cute character, I loved all the characters and their interactions are smooth and clean.


Great storyline but I found some things missing and would like to share them. One is that the story lacked an interesting twist, I wasn’t shocked to find that person the killer. I was bored for some time as the story had been stretched. I loved the concept and style.

Why 4.5 stars:

4.5 stars were given to this novel for the great concept, storytelling style and I loved the way the writer played with the words and created a funny and awesome concept. I also loved the story but I had to take 0.5 stars because of the lack of twist and the killer wasn’t shocking. Even a cozy mystery could be turned interesting although I really liked the writing and everything, I missed the total enjoyment a cozy mystery can give to me.

I hope the writer and publishers won’t have any problem with me but I just gave my honest opinion. To finish with, this book is a must-read and is very funny and at some points very intriguing. You should definitely try it

This book will be out soon so you better get your blankies out for a nice and cozy read. This book deserves a nice book club discussion.

That’s it for today, like, share and follow my blog for more upcoming novels’ reviews.

Comment and tell me what do you think about this book and do you like cozy mysteries?

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We all play games and then get addicted to it but I am a world-class weirdo. I change games like I change clothes. I can never keep one game on my phone for a single day. I uninstall all the games I download after having a tiny look at them. I am crazy, you don’t have to tell me that. The only games I usually keep in my phone are crosswords and colouring games. I downloaded a new game and made some crazy designs, so allow me to bore you with my designs and works.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

I recently downloaded a game called Fashion Colouring Book. And I loved it. I decided to share some designs, I know some of you will get bored.

Note: I am not affiliated with this application and nor am I taking any copyright. I just want to tell the world how good their graphics are, how beautiful the designs are and my colouring too. ๐Ÿ˜‡

So let’s start, shall we?

I am very fond of colouring and I never get time to use colours and colouring books although I have them at home. So when I got tired of not having enough time, I downloaded a colouring book. Here I present to you my pictures.

That’s it. These are this week’s designs. I love colouring and I hope I didn’t bore you to death.

This was a short blog because 2 big blogs are coming up soon.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed my colouring. Comment and tell me if you liked it and what you do in your free time.

Like share and follow my blog for more nutty and weird posts. Comment and tell me what you think about my personal blogging ideas and if you would like to see more.

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Netflix is the world’s biggest platform for movies and series. The binge-watching content it provides is extremely used by people all around the world although I am not here to tell you about this but I am here to review one of its series. As all the people around the world who own Netflix must or certainly have heard about Netflix Series, Stranger Things. I watched it and decided to review it. So allow me to take you through my opinions on whether this Netflix series was a disaster, nightmare or drooling experience to watch.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

I know I had to review this series last month but I was too exhausted and caught up with a lot of events and work to review it. Well, today I decided to review this bad baby.

So let’s start, shall we?

Stranger things.

I just started Netflix and Stranger Things was recommended by not only Netflix but each and every friend I have. I saw the awesome trailers of the 3 season that I cannot upload here as that would extend my post’s download weight but yes, I am providing you with the links and here they are:

Stranger Things Season 1 Trailer.

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

Now let’s go to some important information.

Series Information:


Country of origin: United States.

Language: English.

Seasons: 3 (4th season coming soon)

Episodes: 25 episodes; (8 – 10 each season.)

Director: The Duffer Brothers.


The main cast of Stranger Things.

Critics Ratings:

Critics average rating for all seasons.

IMDB: 8.8/10.

TV.Com: 8.9/10.

Rotten Tomatoes: 93%

Google Users: 97% liked this show.

Taken from the internet.

My Review.

If friends don’t lie so I won’t lie too. ๐Ÿ˜

I will tell you my opinions Season-wise, so let’s start.

My overall rating: 10/10.

~Season 1:

Mike and Eleven.

After a great game of DnD, all friends leave to go home but one of them doesn’t reach home. Nobody knows his whereabouts and on the exact spot where he disappeared, the boys find a girl named Eleven. She knows him and much more about the secrets hidden in the deep forests. As they try to find Will (the boy who disappeared), they unravel some secrets that could lead to him but the only problem is the bad guys who not only want to hide the truth behind the disappearance but also capture Eleven.

This season made me stay up till 4 am in the morning. I couldn’t stop watching it. I enjoyed it so much and was dumbstruck by the characters love story. This is the first time I loved a nice romantic story of the characters because whenever it’s love, I am bored. I finished this season in 2 weeks. The episodes are 1 hour long and these 8 hours were the most beautiful times of my life.

~Season 2:

In love with the characters’ love story. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Season 2 kept me hooked like crazy. I couldn’t stop admiring the love story the beauty of the graphics and the characters real and crazy acting. I loved the touch of every emotion in this season. The entry of 2 new characters and the joy of seeing a new love story in this season was beautiful. ๐Ÿคฉ this season was like meth, I couldn’t stop watching it. I even cried. Great season.

~Season 3:

Season 3…not so good for me. It was one of the saddest seasons, I have ever seen. When the season ended. I cried. I couldn’t stop myself. I never cry and making me cry is a big big deal. I really liked this season but not loved it. I didn’t understand the ‘ thing’s transformation.’ During all the seasons I never used my phone while watching but this season made me do that. I just didn’t like the party separating. The new characters were very interesting especially Alex. This season also forced me to take a big break from Stranger Things. I started watching Full House and went back to it later but as an obligation. But my goodness, I was wrong. The ending was so good.

I loved the other parts and I was wrong to take a break. I should have continued to see what happened. But I was too sad to see a breakup, actually 2 breakups. WE HAVE A NEW NEVERENDING STORY VERSION!!! I will not be listening to the original anymore. It’s boring. Look at this version. ๐Ÿ˜

Neverending Story @Stranger Things Version.

If you don’t check this out, you don’t deserve to live, go die now.

I can’t stop laughing right now. Like the people in the car have monster behind them but Dustin is singing Neverending Story. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

SEASON 3 HAS MY NAME IN IT!! Well, technically my pet name but still… My name๐Ÿ˜


4 coming soon.

I can’t wait for Season 4. I loved it. I am always going to love it. It made me believe in love and friendship and sacrifices. It showed me that wherever you go, you always come back home. My final sentence is; I LOVE IT AND CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 4!!!!!

That’s it for today. I am done rambling. Now I gotta head to tuitions. So yeah, I am done. I will be doing an upcoming Netflix Series post to show you what will be next.

Like, share, and follow my blog for more reviews and articles on your favourite series. Comment and tell me if you have watched this series or not, and if you haven’t, GO WATCH IT!!

Question: Comment and tell me which Netflix series I should be watching next? No romantics, please. I can’t handle them.

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The most beautiful day of the year is here. It’s children’s day. How many of you go to orphanages, or schools and colleges to donate things like toys, books, clothes or just a plain cheque filled with the amount of money you wish to spend? Many of you don’t, you can’t go due to work, education, lectures, seminars or meetings. Well, have you ever thought of giving some money to a begging child?? Have you just ever thought?? Be honest because I know you haven’t. You can’t because they are filthy, dirty, abusing little brats, right? Have you ever thought why they beg, why they are injured, why they are on the streets? Let me tell you why.

Children begging from Victorian Era.

Hello everyone, as you all know there is no welcoming in the post that blurts bitter truth.

Today on this auspicious day dedicated all to children, let me take you through a good a d thorough explanation of why children on the streets are there and not at home watching tv, why they don’t go to school and beg for money? Be ready because this explanation consists of Children’s Day and belated Kindness Day. It will be bumpy.

What exactly leads to begging??

Today allow me to explain to you in question and answer style. It’s important for you.

So let’s start, shall we?

1.What is Begging?

Begging has many different answers like;

ask someone earnestly or humbly for something.

-Google English Dictionary.

Begging (also panhandling or mendicancy) is the practice of imploring others to grant a favour, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. 


Begging means asking people for moneyfoodshelter or other things, when one is not able to give anything instead.

-Wikipedia definition In Simple words.

All the definitions are taken from Google and Wikipedia.

Now in my words,

Begging is an act of asking for something because the person begging known as a beggar is not able to earn money due to either Disabilities, vulnerability, or simply because that person is forced to beg by a group of harsh criminals that have opened a begging racket to earn money, who beat and torture them if they don’t beg.

2. What are people begging called?

Child Beggars

People begging are called beggars, panhandler or mendicant.

Google and Wikipedia definition.

Taken from the internet.

In my words,

People begging are called beggars or someone who has been kidnapped or bought/taken from the orphanage, homes, schools or any place where the criminals could get a chance to abduct them. They are mostly and basically young children who don’t know where to go if they run away and some of them are toddlers.

What do beggars do?

Begging is never fun.

They ask for money, beg you to pay them so that their master doesn’t beat them up and starve them to death. They are shown dirty and filthy so that their parents can’t accidentally recognise them on the crossroads.

How did begging start in the first place?

The old era where people were forced to lead lives of beggars due to wars.

Begging started even before the humankind was fully aware that other continents existed, why begging started is because of the ancient wars and rebellions that killed a thousand people every day, orphaning many, injuring hundreds and in that time, disabled could not live a normal life because they had no particular organ to do work. They started begging, asking for money and hence starting the era of crime where people were kidnapped so that they could be beaten and forced to beg and earn for the criminals.

Do you think I am joking?? Does this look like a normal thing to you that children are begging on the streets?? Do you think they are the real children/siblings of the people who they beg with?? Well no they aren’t. They are formed into groups.

Let me take you through some database I collected to show you how serious this is. Some people are celebrating Children’s Day with their kids while some are kidnapped, dead or doing the work some goon told them to do.

Children from Bangladesh on the streets begging.

These are the stats of missing children from some major countries;

In America, 800,000 children go missing each year and that’s almost 2,000 per day.

In Europe, 250,000 children go missing in a year that’s 1 child every 2 minutes.

In India, 40,000 children go missing every year with 11000 remaining untraced.

Each day 22,000 children go missing worldwide. That’s 8 million per year. It’s not me saying, that’s Google search telling stats. All these databases have been collected by Google. The fun fact is that many people all over the world, especially in India, don’t even complain about their missing child. They don’t even want them back.

Don’t even ask me why they go missing because we all know why.

We don’t want this, do we?

In some cases, children are taken from their homes to be bought and sold in the market. In other cases, children are tricked into the hands of traffickers by being presented an opportunity for a job, when in reality, upon arrival they become enslaved. In India, there are many children trafficked for various reasons such as labour, begging, and sexual exploitation. Because of the nature of this crime; it is hard to track; and due to the poor enforcement of laws, it is difficult to prevent.[2] Because of this, it is impossible to have exact figures regarding this issue.

Taken from Wikipedia.

This quote here shows that in India, we have no exact figures. This is just an estimation. Many countries have the same line, no exact figures written on Wikipedia page.

In India, the biggest begging racket is going on. The children are kidnapped and beaten until they give up fighting. To make people pity them, the stupid criminals cut off their body parts, burn them, hurt them, sometimes even rape the girls.

I hate going out because I see them on the road begging, they can’t do anything, they can’t yell for help because the goons are around them. They are starved, beaten abused and at last killed if they try to fight. I am not allowed to give money to them because it’s the only way begging will stop. Well, it’s not.

Don’t forget even Sai Baba was a beggar before he turned to a Great Saint In India.

When you are sitting in the car with your kid in the back seat with a nice expensive toy in their hand. Don’t you feel satisfied? Yes, you do. They look at your kids and feel sad about their lives. They also miss their parents, their house, their toys. Have some shame. Remember before abusing them, that girl begging could have been your child. She is a child of her mother and father who have lost her or are stuck in debt and forced to do this but they are human beings too. Behave nicely with them.

No child chooses this life instead of a luxurious one. No child loves getting beaten every day. No child loves getting abused by you. If you cant give them money, at least don’t abuse them and shout bad words at them. After all, they did not choose this life.

This Children’s Day donate your charity to these children. Let’s fight with this racket together. We need to stop this. You cant go to an orphanage, school or any other place to help children, maybe just take a kid to eat something. Buy one extra chocolate for a beggar too when you buy for your kids. Do something nice for them too.

Because Kids are Kids, there is no difference between any of them. Even if it’s your clean baby or a filthy begging kid. It’s a child and it deserves a little love.

Note: I am challenging the biggest criminal community in India so please support me and re-blog this. By the way, I am done with you exploiting children. If you are reading this, just to inform you; I am coming after you.

Happy Children’s Day to all of you!!

Happy Kindness Day to all of You!!!

That’s it for today. Comment and tell me how you spent this children’s day, what you did and who you helped. Tell me about your thoughts on Child Begging on Streets.

Like, share and follow my blog for more bitter truth.

Signing Out_X

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Ever felt sad about nothing but everything. Felt like you have nothing but there’s everything. That hole in your heart is the deep-down pain that you didn’t tell anyone about.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

Sitting all alone these days I think about nothing.
You remind me of the pain that I felt in me.
I remember your smile but not your life,
I remember your sacrifice but never gave you time,
and maybe that’s why I feel like there’s everything,
but yet nothing.
The burden you gave me is so hurtful,
I feel like I can take it off but that’s not true.
My heart cries for freedom, can you give me some?
I miss you but can’t tell you so,
Because I hurt you in ways unknown.
Come back is all I can say today, even though I know that’s not the way nature works its way.

Poem by Suzan Khoja.

These days are one of those days when I feel like not blogging but just sitting and crying over the pain I went through when I first found out my grandfather left me.

July 26 2018. This day changed my life. At 7 AM in the morning my uncle ran into my room and woke me up, “Suzan, Your granddad passed away.” This sentence and the words in it changed my life. I, at first thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. I wish it was. I cried for the whole day and broke down at night. I kept crying and crying with no sense of why this happened. I couldn’t figure out anything and I still can’t. I blame everyone for his death and blame myself for ignoring him and being too busy in my life to talk to him.

I can’t control myself anymore and felt like pouring myself out. I don’t tell people how I feel because no one understands. I couldn’t stop myself from writing about him today. The reason I started blogging was to fill the void in my heart. I can’t fill it.

My family behaves like he never existed but he did. I know he did. I know they are trying to control further damage that his loss brought to the family’s mental peace. I feel his presence. I feel his love but he is not here and that makes a big difference.

He gave up his pension from retirement, his all riches just to save me from cancer. He used to work up to 5 am in the morning. He was the best and most respected advocate, accountant and grandfather.

I couldn’t see him during the burial because I was in Africa. I couldn’t be with him because my family took me for further treatment to Africa when I was 2 years and settled down over there. I missed the most important thing in my life, the love and pampering of a grandfather.

He had diabetes and when we used to come from Africa we used to bring a lot of chocolates when my family went out shopping he used to sneak in the kitchen and take some. I always caught him and we ate chocolates together. He was 73 years old.

Now that I look at my life, why I want to go back to Africa is because he isn’t here. His memories haunt me. Since I started tuition, I felt like if he was here, he would teach me. All the other people are too dumb, my grandad was a genius.

I wish he was here. I really wish. I just can’t stop crying after coming to India. His death affected me more than anyone because everyone spent time with him except me.

I used to come to India every 5 years for 15 to 20 days where I used to stay a week at my mom’s relatives house and 7 days at my grandfather’s house. In those 7 days, I barely talked to him. I don’t know why. I feel like punishing myself for being such a swine. Now that he is gone, I feel like a lot of things were left unsaid and unheard.

I miss him and I regret not paying attention to him. I can’t control my emotions, it’s been over a year but I still feel sad. I feel like why can’t he just come back and talk to me?? I was planning to shift to India, couldn’t he wait for me to come. Why did he die?

I came back after a month,
you left.
Couldn’t you wait until I returned??
The house haunts me every moment, every minute.
Couldn’t you tell me what was so wrong in me??
That you left me all alone to cry in the dark.
Nobody understands me as you did once.
After all the sacrifices you made for me,
Couldn’t you wait for me to come??
Couldn’t you give me some time to make it up to you?
My heart cries when I see others enjoy,
with their grandpa, they all rejoice.
I ask you why did you leave?? Giving me a burden that haunts me within.
I sleep every night thinking you will be back.
Was I so bad a kid that you left without a goodbye?
I forgive you for leaving but tell me how,
am I supposed to stop my heart from crying all night?

Poem by Suzan Khoja.

This burden is killing me every night. I couldn’t miss him more than anyone in this world does. I find it hard to believe he’s gone but when I see the empty chair in which he used to sit and the empty computer room in which the voices of typing came, I feel it.

I will tell you all only 1 thing. Be with your family as long as they are with you because once they leave, you won’t have anything except a burden that you couldn’t spend time with them because of your busy life and trust me when I say that burden hurts more than anything in this world.

Forgive and let go family grudges because one day, you will only be burdened that your ego overcame the love and peaceful life and beautiful memories you could have.

Don’t burden yourself. I might get 100 years old but the burden of avoiding my grandpa and staying away from him will always be on my heart and my soul. So go spend time with your family, that’s the least you can do to avoid a burden of a lifetime.

16 days after my birthday, he died. I don’t celebrate my birthday because I didn’t talk to him much, I was too busy cutting a cake. Don’t do this to yourself. I am 18 years old and have a burden for a lifetime. Go to your family, you will need the memories more than the money when they pass away.

That’s it for today. Like, share and follow my blog for more sad posts. Comment and tell me your sad moments and burdens because sharing makes the burden lighter. I feel quite light right now.

Signing Out_X

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The end of the year is almost near and it’s about time I open up and tell you all a little more about myself. I love reading books and I can see that some great novels have been written this year. Well, it’s time to vote a favourite book from each genre for the Goodreads Choice Awards’ First-Round and as I haven’t read much of it or maybe any of it, I decided to research about books and vote the most worthy ones. So here I am, as you can see this is part II so please read PART I. So without further ado, allow me to give you the other 10 genres’ books that I voted.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

I have voted the most praised and worthy books, those books that I would love to read and might enjoy a lot.

So let’s start, shall we?


~Midnight In Chernobyl; The Untold Story Of The World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster By Adam Higginbotham.

Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham.

Chernobyl incident has always interested me and I really wanted to know the real truth about it. Now that I have it, I can’t resist it and can never vote any other book. This book has made critics drool and readers sit on the edge of their seats. So I am interested in this too. I am more interested in the thrilling way he has written it. I hope to read it soon. ๐Ÿ˜

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions From Tiny Mortal Death By Caitlin Doughty.

Will my Cat Eat my Eyeballs? By Caitlin Doughty.

As any song can be our jam, in subjects Science is my jam. I love science especially mummification. Learning more about death is something I really like. I don’t know why that is so but I do know that death has never scared me, it has always intrigued me. This book is all about death and I am ready to read it. I actually didn’t search any other book in the category when I saw this. Sorry for being bias but it’s something I wouldn’t mind reading if I will read it.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Indian-ISH Recipes And Antics From A Modern American Family By Priya Krishna.

Indian-ISH Recipes and Antics from A Modern American Family by Priya Krishna.

This book looks highly funny and crazy to me. It’s seeing how an Indian mom who doesn’t know how to cook struggles to cook Indian food, and the crazy rich ideas showing how to twist and turn Indian and American recipes to combine them and make a great and delicious treat. I know how to cook food, anything you like just name it so when I see others struggling. It might sound evil but I enjoy it so much and feel very proud too. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ so yes I would love to read this book.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Book Love By Debbie Tung.

Book Love by Debbie Tung.

This is yet another novel I did not search about and just voted. Look at the cover guys, do you think I should have searched? I was sold when the word book was written on the title. I would love to read this comic but it is for almost $ 11.21. It would take me all my life to collect all that money for a 144 pages comic book. How sad can I get today?

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~When You Ask Me Where I Am Going By Jasmine Kaur.

When You Ask Me Where I am Going by Jasmine Kaur.

This poetry is killing it all over the world. I couldn’t stop reading the comments. It was so weird to see this happen. I hate reading comments because most of them are spoilers but people didn’t have words to say and describe this beauty and that was the moment I decided that not only will I vote it but also read it. I am loving it how Indian authors are killing it in the literature world. I am so proud today. ๐Ÿฅฐ

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

Do you know what ranting means?? Tell me do you know?? That’s exactly what people are doing after reading this book. They are shocked and so am I. I love A.J Finn and if that guy recommends this, I am reading it. Imagine the surprise to see a new author trending like hell. I love the comments people and giving, they can’t say anything about this book either.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Killing November By Adriana Mather (Killing November, #1).

Killing November by Adriana Mather.

Another ranting novel in line. I don’t understand people and so don’t I understand the SPOILERS THEY PROVIDE FOR FREE!!!!! Sorry, I am just tired of spoilers. 1 stupid spoiler just took away my fun from watching an Indian Tv Show, Aladdin, Naam Toh Suna Hoga and now I heard it has become very interesting. ๐Ÿ˜” Well, back to the book. It’s amazingly interesting, they don’t say much about the book but more about spoilers so please don’t go and read reviews on Amazon. That’s where I collect reviews from because…hey?!? if Amazon can sell it, it’s a hit. It is a book store, you see. Well, I want to read this too but not that much after the “spoiler,” let’s see how it goes.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Wilder Girls By Rory Power.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power.

I read a review of this book and the reviewer said it’s a great book. If it is, I am glad to vote it because I found it unique and beautiful. Friendship and girl empowerment is all I need to read now and this is one great a book to read. I liked the uniqueness of this book. I might try it as I avoided an almost spoiler. ๐Ÿ˜ค

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~The Bridge Home By Padma Venkatraman.

The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman.

I really liked this story, it teaches children something very important and it’s some story that I would love to read and enjoy talking to someone about. This story written by an Indian showed real harsh realities of children on streets and I really like a true story. I want to read it.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Unicorn Day by Diana Murray.

Unicorn Day by Diana Murray.

I really love unicorns and this book is something I would read even though this book is a kid’s book. I really feel like acting like a baby now and reading this book right now but controlling myself๐Ÿ˜.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.

Okay, so we are done with the Goodreads Choice Awards voting. I voted by research and my heart’s choice that meant if I really would read it or not. I enjoyed voting but not writing. It was too exhausting although I am done and couldn’t be happier than today.

That’s it for today, comment and tell me how my voting was, suggest me your favourite books. Like, share and follow my blog to see me die writing blogs. ๐Ÿ˜

I invite Nikita and anybody who has voted to exhaust themselves too. Hey???? Why should I do all the hard work??

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Tell me how it was.

Signing Out_X

Thank you for your valuable time.

Everyday Heroes

A beautiful post about our soldiers that are dying to protect us and our families from the evil out there. The only thing we can do to return their favour is to keep peace in our country, be nice to people and love the ones who are unloved. Stop judging and start changing. Follow this beautiful lady on https://pennywilsonwrites.com for more loving and heart numbing posts. She deserves the love she has for the soldiers as our gratitude to them and her.

Penny Wilson Writes

*On this Veteranโ€™s Day, my humble offering of a small tribute to those that serve and those that have served. ย Thank you.

This man is a mere mortal of flesh and blood.ย  The light I see in his eyes is that of an honorable man.

He sees the demons and beasts that few of us see.ย  He would give his life to slay them.

These beasts are not in the form you would know. ย They wear the cloak of innocence. ย They are the neighbor next door or the woman at the market.

This man stands at the ready so you can sleep safely in your bed tonight.

He runs toward the demons in our world, not away from them. ย ย There are battles to be fought and demons to slay.

How can we repay the sacrifice?

Copyright (C) 2017 Penny Wilson ย  ย **Beautiful artwork by Murphy Elliott

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Today I had tuitions and a crazily hectic day. I am so tired and feel sick that I didn’t write and only watched these videos. It was a resting day. Part II of the Goodreads choice award is almost not at all done๐Ÿ™ˆ so please be patient. ๐Ÿ˜

Here you go, see This video and if it doesn’t work try my site or inform me. ๐Ÿ˜Š


This is my favourite cartoon if you haven’t watched it, I am sorry to tell you but you are not a human being. GO BACK TO YOUR PLANET, ALIEN!!!!!!!

Thank you for your valuable time.

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Its the end of the beautiful year 2019. The year where thousands of books came out and billions of people read them. People are usually really particular about books they read but I am a mess. I read all horror/mystery and fantasy, not romantic fantasy but fantasy. Believe it or not, almost all readers around the world use Goodreads as a means of keeping track of their reading and so do I. Well I started Goodreads this year and have read almost 9 books since July. My friends say I am going too fast. I love reading so that’s not a fascinating thing to me but what’s fascinating is that I am using Goodreads this year and I have a legal right to vote.

This year I decided to participate in Goodreads choice awards and vote all the genres and I am not a person who votes based on the cover or average stars given by other readers, so before voting, I did my research and I would love to show you the books I voted for Goodreads Choice Awards, First Round. So allow me to show you my books and tell you why I voted that specific book.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

Before I start blogging about the books I want to make some things clear. One of that is me. I have a lot of my friends from my circle here who read my blog, although those idiots don’t follow, they do read. I recently talked to my friend and she told me to do a personality tag, a book tag, this tag, that tag. I was like why?? She told me that now that you are getting good views people might want to know about you and that’s what you have to provide them with.

She convinced me to do a personality tag but when I sat down to do it. I ended up deleting it because I am either way too open or way too private. So now 2 weeks of every month’s Thursdays I will do a personal blog about myself. I am making it a segment because I want to communicate with you not do a tag and answer only a few questions, so here is one of my personal blog where I tell you about what books I voted on.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Firstly the Goodreads Choice Awards has 2 rounds; the first round and the final round.

The First Round Voted Books:


~Where The Forest Meets The Stars By Glendy Vanderah.

Where The Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah.

This story’s summary was the most intriguing of all the summaries I read. I loved the way the story is formed. I haven’t read the book but I have read so many books that by a summary I can tell if the story is good or not. I read the summary on Goodreads and went to Amazon to check reviews because I trust Amazon with my eyes closed and I was shocked that I was right. Actually, after reading the reviews, I decided that I will read this book soon. What I liked about this book was that the concept was different and a cancer patient was the main character so I can easily relate to this story.

If you have read this story, please comment and tell me your views so that I can decide whether it’s truly is good or not.


~Run Away by Harlan Coben.

Run Away by Harlan Coben.

Yes, I know most of my viewers will think I am biased because I obsess over Harlan Coben. I love him, he is the only author that I could happily pay for even if his books were of $100. I would seriously buy all his books. Harlan Coben’s Run away is a tremendous book but this book is different. Harlan tried to write something different than he usually writes and it turned out so well that Dan Brown called him a master of the thriller and he is. If you haven’t tried any of his books you really should. I really want to read his books, just waiting for my challenge to get over.

If you have read his books, comment and tell me your views.


~City Of Girls By Elizabeth Gilbert.

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert.

A woman’s self-respect and the way she acts after being entangled in a wave of the facades. This story is about an exiled woman struggling to live in New York City in the year 1940. I loved this story because it represents how to fight your life’s problems and how to stop acting and start being true to yourself. It teaches you to love yourself. I haven’t read it but the comments and likes show that this is an inspiring and personality building book. I liked it and might read it too.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~The Kingdom Of Copper. (The Daevabad Trilogy, #2) By S.A Chakraborty.

The Kingdom Of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty.

This book is a second part of the daevabad trilogy and it is a huge hit as it is really really great. People all over the world are loving it. New York Times bestselling. It really interested me and made me want to pick it up right now. When I read the summary, I loved the idea of having djinns. This book made me feel like FANTASY TIME!!!!! People are loving it. You should try it.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~The Bride Test (Kiss Quotient, #2) By Helen Hoang.

The Bride Test By Helen Hoang.

This book makes me feel like I should give romance a try. Where a guy who hates himself and a girl who is falling for his nature. It looks like a good and nice story that has a lot of praises from a lot of readers. I really got interested in the idea of a different story. I think I might try this. Nikita don’t get too excited, I am not sure about romance yet.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Recursion By Blake Crouch.

Recursion by Blake Crouch.

This book has been praised by each and every one of the readers. People are loving this book so much and it is indeed a unique story with a great and interesting concept. I am really looking forward to reading this and I will, as soon as it gets a little cheaper. Right now it’s working on $8. If you sleep to normal life and wake up to some parts of your life missing what would you do?? The detective tries to uncover why this is happening to people and finds some good and bad news. I am dying to read this book.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Phantom Echoes By B.D. Wilson.

Phantom Echoes by B.D Wilson.

How could I not vote this book?? This is a horror story that gave me goosebumps without my permission. This is a great novel and the story is so amazing. I love horrors and I know when one is a creepy, chilly and scary novel. I loved it. I have reviewed this book so you should definitely check this book out.

Phantom Echoes @Magical BookLush

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Mr. Know It All: The Tarnished Wisdom Of A Fifth Elder By John Waters.

Mr. Know It All by John Waters

This book sounded very humorous to me. People are enjoying this book and highly recommend it. I really felt like this book could be a nice one. After reading the comments, I just imagined myself coming home after a tiring day at school and tuitions are sitting down to a nice funny book with a cup of coffee… And I bought the idea. I like the concept of hair spray misery and fame. I really like this book. If I can buy an idea, I will buy the book. So looking forward to this honey.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~A Fool’s Circle By Suzanne Seddon.

A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon.

I voted for this book not because I am working to promote her work but because this woman has turned her miserable life into a story and many women around the world are relating to it. I have been mentally abused through body-shaming and this book shows it to me nicely. I really think that this book can change the world. If a courageous woman sits down to write about her life, about the wounds she has, about her pain, then my friend, that woman can create wonders through a book. I really am interested in reading this book but I am kind of caught up in exams, school and 3hrs of tuition, I barely have time to read these days.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.


~Inside Out By Demi Moore.

Inside Out by Demi Moore.

Yeah, this book has been voted without research because it’s Demi Moore. I love her, so this book gets a free vote. Although I did read about her a little, I felt that if I want to know more about her, this book is the only way. I have followed her since Charlie’s Angels, the Hunchback of Notre Dame and all the other awesome movies. ๐Ÿ˜ I am really looking forward to this book.

If you have read this book, comment and tell me your views.

Okay, everyone. This is part one of the Goodreads Choice Awards book voted by me. My lovely WordPress is glitching and I don’t want to lose my content so I will post the other genres in part 2.

That’s it everybody, hope you enjoyed reading my boring book selection. Please comment and tell me your views. Like, share and follow my blog for more personal posts.

I am extremely sorry if I am not replying to your comments, I need one week more to settle down with a lot of things going on. I am stacked up with posts and books. ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿฅด

I have taken my break and I will be regular from now. Thank you for cooperating.

Signing Out_X

Thank you for your valuable time.

It’s OK To Ask For Help

It really is okay to ask for help. It’s hard to get over something that happened to you in your life or maybe it still does. Bullying, body shaming everything is linked together to force a person to take a disastrous turn towards suicide but hey, we need you. We need you to join us and fight this, to make the world a better place for all the children. Suicide is never the only option. This is an awesome blog by https://pennywilsonwrites.com, don’t forget to follow this brave lady and share your problems with me. I know I can’t solve it but at least I can help you. Please don’t kill yourself, your life is very important to me because you are my friend. ๐Ÿ˜”

Penny Wilson Writes

Do you know a young adult or child that is struggling with depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, bullying, or other painful life event?ย  I discovered an AMAZING website that might help!ย  Go to YOUR LIFE YOUR VOICE .ORGย  ย Call 1-800-448-3000ย  Or text to # 20121.ย ย 

This site has a ton of information on it!ย  You can text, chat, call, email your question or concern to get help.ย  They also have an App.ย ย If you or someone you know needs help, check out this site!ย  Tell your friends!

Although this site seems to be aimed to young adults or kids, it has information on it that would be helpful to someone of any age.

Getting help for depression, suicide prevention and other difficult mental health issues is a subject that is important to me.ย  Please check out my page on Depression & Mental Health Help.ย ย On this pageโ€ฆ

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