The Homestead: The Complete Story

My writing inspiration Pete has posted the complete series of his recent story, The Homestead. This man really outshines himself in every story that he writes. I know he has more traffic than I do but I thought let me give him some Indian traffic😂😂.

This is all 48 parts of my recent fiction serial, prompted by the photo shown on Maggie’s blog. It is a long read, at 40,116 words. Phineas. I turned eleven in the fall of sixty-four, and the winter that followed was a hard one. The ground froze fast, and the snow came early. I […]

The Homestead: The Complete Story
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6 thoughts on “The Homestead: The Complete Story

  1. Thank you so much for doing this, dear Suzan. I hope that one day you have time to read it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. I always have time for you pete. Just need to adjust to this college life. I hate being an adult now😭😭😭

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      1. It never gets easier as you get older. Sorry to bring you that bad news. 🙂 🙂 xx


  2. Mystery is a genre I still haven’t explored. Thank you so much for this lovely review! I will definitely add this to my tbr!❤


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