This is no joke now. WordPress took it too far this time. Something terrible happened today that I can’t even think could happen to me.

As some of you know. I am releasing my first ever short story and if people like it a lot I might make it a series. I have been writing this story for over a month. I decided to upload it today.

There are 2 parts. Part 1, was releasing on Saturday that is today and part 2 tomorrow. Now, what happened is a disastrous thing.

Yesterday night WordPress was glitching like hell. I could barely write anything that’s why I didn’t reply to any comments. I was getting my story ready for release. I had to write both the parts so as to avoid loopholes.

I wrote my ending yesterday night and saved the story. I was satisfied with my work. I was happy everything was done. I was excited to release my story.

Today morning when I opened the story and decided to add some finishing touches and get the part 1 ready. I suddenly felt an urge to check my 2nd part’s ending and stuff. I went to my 2nd part and without checking anything else, I pressed the preview. I was reading my way down when the story ended.


If I release part  1 now it will take me until Wednesday to write part 2 that is if I skip studying, reading, writing any other posts, commenting, talking to my friends, going out.  I don’t have school right now. It’s vacation time.
But imagine the effort I will have to put in to finish a story.

I can’t believe WordPress did this to me. I don’t feel like blogging right now and this is not the first time. Many times it suddenly exits my blog saying local changes and eats up half of my blog and I rewrite it.

I don’t feel like writing anything at all. I am sorry. I feel like quitting blogging. It took me so much time. I worked so hard. πŸ˜”

Thank you for your valuable time.


  1. This is super terrible! πŸ˜‘
    I’m so sorry it happened. Have you contacted WordPress and told them about it?

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    1. I contacted them 100000 times since the last 2 months. Now I am tired. I don’t even know if I should continue blogging or not. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


      1. Suzan, don’t be disheartened. I’m really sorry it’s happening. Did they troubleshoot it before? 😢

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        1. Yes, but it’s back, again and again, I told them again they did nothing and again I am writing everything .😀😠


          1. IT SUCKS😭. Why does it keep happening again and again?! I’m sorry you’ve had to write it multiple times. No wonder you’re frustrated 😫

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            1. AT LEAST SOMEBODY GETS ME!!! I don’t feel like blogging anymore. πŸ˜” taking a break. πŸ₯Ί


              1. 😢 Suzan, I don’t want you to take a break because of this stupid website.😭 I know it’s very annoying and dispiriting when you put your heart and soul into a post (and your blog) and this stupid thing happens!!!! -_-

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                1. I am trying to stay. I hope I will. I don’t know yet. But I see you blog too little these days. What’s up??


                  1. I’m super busy with my assignments and stuff. That’s why. I also have an exam in the month of December so I need to prepare. 😭😭

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                    1. Awww!!!! I miss your posts. Good luck with your exams. Hope you pass bookworm. πŸ™‚βœŒπŸ˜

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                    2. Thank you 😘 You won’t miss them much. I’ll try to be as active as I can.

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                    3. I hope you do but make sure you read. You don’t need to blog, just go ahead be free and comment on any of my post for a nice chat. πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ™‚βœŒ

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  2. I’m so sorry Suzan. This happened to me several times writing book reviews which is why I now click β€œsave” every 3-4 sentences. With your story, that’s even more personal though, so I can’t imagine how frustrated you must be. Take a breather for a few days if you have to, but please don’t give up. You would be missed.

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    1. It’s okay. I just feel all down now. I want to take a break. I will see if I can continue or not. I don’t feel like it anymore. It took me so many days Kim. So much effort. So much thinking. Now I have to rewrite all of it. I just don’t feel like it anymore. πŸ˜”πŸ₯Ί

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  3. Like Kim, I consonantly save my stories in the editor as I write them. That’s also why I use a PC and not a phone or tablet, as I never get loss of signal with an ethernet cable. When I tried writing a blog post on my tablet, the wi-fi signal dipped, and I lost the work I had already typed.
    Unfortunately, WordPress glitches are a fact of life, and we would all have given up blogging long ago if we let that get to us too badly.
    Try not to let it get you down too much. We all enjoy reading your blog.
    Best wishes, Pete. πŸ™‚ x

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    1. I use wifi, it’s very fast. This thing was different the whole page was shaking. While I was writing the pointer suddenly went to some other place an started writing there. The words changed. The page shook.
      I am trying but now I don’t feel like blogging anymore. I feel sad. I am taking a break for 2-3 days.

      Do you really enjoy my blog?? This blog is just me writing rubbish and i am always disturbing you. πŸ˜”βœŒ

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      1. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it if I didn’t.
        And you don’t disturb me.
        What you describe sounds like a really spooky event! As if something had taken over your phone. πŸ™‚


  4. Since that happened a while back, I’m assuming you did not quit. You have my sympathies on your loss. I remember my grief when it happened to me. Many years ago the first computer we owned died without warning. I lost three novels I had typed. Two were complete and the third was halfway finished. We now have a backup system. I can download my stuff to the storage box and, if the computer crashes, I will lose only the parts not downloaded, which would be devastating enough since I don’t download on a daily basis.

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    1. I actually had to quit because of the lost blog post. First I lost half of it and I wrote it back but then all of it was gone. I got so pissed off at WordPress I talked to the engineer and he said there is no way he can bring it back. After that, I quit writing on this blog and write in a book, at least that wont get deleted πŸ˜’βœŒπŸ’–

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