Have you heard of this word “body shaming“? Have you seen people go through it?? Do you know what it is? Or how it feels?? If you saw it happening, did you rescue them?? Do you know what it does to them?? Body shaming is such a great thing. It’s awesome, do you know why?

Because it ruins people’s lives. It tears them from the inside. It makes them hate their own body and in the end, breaks them down. If you are an awesome person that I probably think you are because you are giving my post so much time and are reading this right now, let me take you to a journey of body-shaming.

Love you all body-shamers out there. This blog is especially for you.

No welcomes as I said in my last post because welcoming the bitter truth into your life is difficult. So let’s just start, shall we??

DISCLAIMER: if you do not like my opinion or post about this issue you are free to exit my blog. Nobody has stopped you. This is a free issue that everybody can read on the internet and review. A friendly debate is open but a harsh comment might end by you getting banned or blocked from my site. No certain person is being mentioned in this post.Β Thank you.

Today I will not be talking any rubbish about what body shaming will do and blah blah. It’s already on the internet, go search for it. Today I will be BODY SHAMING YOU. I will be body-shaming you losers out there that think they are so cool that they can go around doing whatever they want.

Have fun reading, skinny jeans.

If you are thin:

“Hey, skinny jeans. I actually need to go to a party, can I borrow your skin?? You can keep your skeleton system in the biology class for lower grade kids to study until I come back. I mean you don’t even have to worry about your muscular system because you don’t have any. Hahaha.” Adding to that part, “oh, are you worried about your nerves?? Wait a minute, how can you be worried, you got no nerves at all. I am sure the doctor puts the injection in your bones.”

Hope you had fun reading all the insulting things to yourself. πŸ™‚
Your own famous J.K Rowling said this. Good morning knuckleheads.

If you are fat:

“Hey, listen, are you free? I…umm…i actually wanted to get some sleep, so can I borrow your belly as a pillow for my head. I mean.. It’s too big and mushy. So can I borrow it??”

” Hey fatso, whatsup?? I was wondering if you could help me go carry some stuff from my car, I know you are a girl but you are already carrying all that fat on your body and not falling head over heels so it seems to me that you are a pro at this. Come on, help me out. “

Hey, jumping castle/ hey, meatball, can you chop some of that meat and give it to me?? I will tell mom to cook biryani tonight. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If you don’t know you suck after reading all this. Go ahead and read more.
We can be whoever we want, how about you tell your eyes to ignore whatever they don’t like.

Do you feel ashamed??

I am sure you don’t. You never can because you don’t have a brain. All you have up there is biased nerves that connect to something that looks like this image below:

This is the brain of a person that cannot properly differentiate between beautiful and ugly.
This is the brain of a mass murderer like you who killed a thousand people’s awesome personality by body shaming them. Shame on you.

Body shaming someone is not a big problem for people who are just watching it happen. You just say, “uhh, this happens every day. What’s the big deal?” The big deal is you seeing it every day and not stopping it from happening. Do you have any idea how people cope up to this kind of embarrassment? No, you won’t, because they don’t cope up. They die trying to change a remark given by some shitty person about them but they never cope up.

If that can happen to an actress what about normal people.

I dont say boys are not body shamed, they are shamed too and that’s what makes it uglier. It means if you are thin you are body shamed, if you are fat you are body shamed, if you are a girl or boy you will still be body shamed.

It also means that a person’s body can be ugly but what you do to them is a beautiful thing???? So it’s like I will abuse you because I find you ugly but in a way, I am allowed to do an ugly thing because, for me, you are ugly. That’s totally messed up.

I ask you a question, answer me in the comments.

Do you have any idea what this does to them?? Do you know what it takes for them to build up confidence again??

Body shaming has been going on since 1929, (the image above shows the date) or even before that, tell me isn’t it time to stop it? Haven’t we all had enough of all this?? I am a totally imperfect person. I don’t know if I am fat or thin, short or tall. I never check and I don’t want to. I will grow and decrease or increase just the way it has to, I am not forcing myself to diet or gym or detox or anything else needed for a good body. You want to body-shame me, bring it on. I have the best comebacks waiting for you.

Didn’t ask for your opinion but now that you feel like providing some of it, why don’t I give you some too??

” Because uhh, excuse me?? Did I ask for your opinion on how my body looks because I actually, don’t remember asking but if I did, I am sorry, I totally forgot that I shouldn’t be asking for advice from external parasites. My internal worms, parasites and blood cells of all kinds are doing just fine with my body. Don’t want to catch a virus. πŸ™‚βœŒ”

So my beautiful ladies and handsome men out there that have been body shamed a lot or seen others go through it please help them out. Their personalities are crushed, why don’t you go help them make a stronger and better one??

To be honest, I don’t think anybody wants to be like you.

Today take a pledge to be you. I was inspired by one of my favourite YouTuber, #mostlysane. 3 years ago, she started a pledge and I am carrying it forward today for her on the occasion of WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. Join me on this beautiful journey that needs your support.

Please, ladies and gentlemen, love yourselves. No man or woman should be allowed to bring you down. Fight for yourself. God created you beautiful and even if you try everything in this world, you can’t change it.

So proud of you

That’s it for today. Tell me about your body-shaming experiences and how you fought them or if you haven’t buckle up and fight.

Join together with me in this fight. Let’s clear their brains today. Show them how their so-called ugly bodies can fight back. I might get trolled for this but who cares. Even Mahatma Gandhi went to jail for saying the truth, I will just be trolled. #Bring it on.

Hope you learnt something, do answer my questions up there.

Signing out.


Thank you for your valuable time.
(Please excuse the little harsh words. Anger comes out like this.)

41 thoughts on “BODY SHAMING || REAL ISSUES’ QUIP.

  1. Reblogged this on Prose & Pancakes and commented:
    Such an important post about body shaming. Shaming people’s bodies makes them lose their self-esteem. It makes them criticize and hate their own bodies. It’s sad that a lot of us go through it and no one gives two hoots about it. Our society needs to stop judging people’s bodies and start accepting and respecting everyone, however they are.
    We need to put an end to body shaming, and it’s only possible if we did it together. I really loved this post by Suzan. I think you should all check out this post (and her wonderful blog) and share it with your friends!

    Also, don’t forget to follow her if you love amazing content!

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    1. Thank you so much, Nikita. Together we shall win this fight. I am sure our fight won’t go in vain. Thank you once again for your support. πŸ™‚βœŒπŸ’ž


  2. In the UK there is talk about banning food on public transport because so many people are obese . Children are being singled out and health warnings abound everywhere.
    So we are slowly being brainwashed to think fatness is bad.
    Add to this the presentation of the ideal woman on the internet and in the fashion media and it’s the perfect recipe for fat shaming.
    One last dig : Is it not the job of government to care for peoples health and general well-being?
    Have you noticed how the artistic pictures of Jesus Christ depict an extremely handsome bearded slim active man , us westerners have a mental image that what is visually acceptable must be worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. Can I just point out that you are a genius? Health warnings are merely a warning saying, “Go thin or you won’t get accepted in this country” Everybody thinks fatness is bad but the truth is too much fatness is bad. The people are brainwashed into thinking that if your weight exceeds 50kgs you are fat and we don’t like fat so stop eating and enjoying, stop giving your body much importance. Feed it veggies but they forgot that as much as vegetables pure your blood it also damages your kidneys. Being too thin is hard during a lot of moments like pregnancy, old age and some thin girls don’t even get periods. The moment we see a fat girl we are like eww look at her. You are right about fashion media but we can’t do anything. They are so brainwashed that only thin girls get chances, a fat girl is rejected by just one look. All that you say is true. We never knew how God looks like they created a picture-perfect man and served him to us with a crazy mentality. Did you notice the benches in a church are so close and small?? If a fat person goes to church they want a fat person to feel ashamed and hate their body so that they can get thin. Body shaming is everywhere. Can’t stop it. But I will stop it. Tired of this nonsense. Will you join me in this battle??

      Oops too longπŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes. I feel great. The zombie music boosted me up.😜 and I got so many likes and people are supporting this fight. Today I feel so proud. Best day of my life. With a little more effort I can make a change in a lot of lives. I want to do that. I am done staying quiet. It’s time to stop this. 😑😀

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    1. Awesome! Lindsey will always get your toes tapping!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. πŸ¦ΆπŸ¦ΆπŸ¦΅πŸ¦΅πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘£ today I feel tappy already. Btw how are you doing? How is mr migraine doing? Christmas is coming, is it in a mood to leave for vacation??

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m having a rough time migraine wise, but autumn is always a tough season for me. Except for that, this time of year is my favorite.

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      3. You will be fine. We are all with you. And you have got your part-time all-time joker over here. You need me?? I am a comment away. 😊 just be happy. I am sure God will make everything fine for you. You are a good person and good people deserve good things. πŸ€—πŸ˜

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  4. I loved your post! I have been fat-shamed by people, which pulverized my self-esteem for a while. I still think my body is not pretty, or something is wrong with it just because it doesn’t look like that of a mannequin. The worst part is so many people think it’s normal to body-shame, and I have watched so many movies and “comedy shows” where both fat and thin people are made fun of to make others laugh (and since they think it’s normal to laugh at people’s bodies, the jokes continue) and it infuriates me!!

    I’m really glad you wrote this post. It was wonderful.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nikita, thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. I feel so proud that you thought me worthy of this. I see you are an indian. I am an Indian too. I know what you are talking about. I have been fat-shamed too. I feel your pain. It’s so harsh and painful. I know how it tears a personality, an image, a life and causes so many insecurities. I want the world to stop this. I want us to get together to stop this. It’s a rebellion, nikita. It’s a fight. Join me today and pledge to fight against it. We need to stop this. Spread this word everywhere. Let’s take a step in correcting our mistakes of staying quiet, of feeling sad and bad about ourselves. No stranger or our own person has a right to tell us how to look. My body, my choice. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and supporting me. πŸ™‚βœŒβ€


      1. I should thank you, Suzan. I really loved your article (and your blog). Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m really sorry that you’ve been through this. And I’m sorry for me too. It really hurts me that so many of us go through such harrowing experiences, which kill their self-esteem and cause insecurities, and no one bats an eye. I think some people need to learn how to accept and respect diversity. Nobody has the right to pass judgments on anybody’s body. You’re right. All of us need to be together to stop this. We need to put an end to this!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You are most welcome. Thank you so much for such lovely words. If you have any feedback or opinions you are always free to provide them. That is what I am trying to do. I am trying to stop this. Fight it. People need help. If you are with us and think that this has to be stopped. If you can, spread this post on your social media and reblog it to your readers so that they can join us too. We have to spread the word to stop the torture that many kids and adults are going through. Thank you for your support. I am happy you enjoyed my blog. You are free to comment and share with whoever you want. Let’s fight together for a better future! πŸ™‚βœŒ


      3. I’m always supporting you in this. I too want this whole body shaming thing to stop. I reblogged your post and I would love to share it on Twitter, and with my friends on other social media sites! We can do this together. I’m hoping for a better future.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you so much. Body shaming has to stop, once I am done with this awareness campaign I want the world to know that we ain’t staying quiet anymore. Not when it is about our future and confidence. If you can’t encourage us, you have no right to discourage us. Thank you for sharing it on your social media. I am looking forward to more supporters and helpers. Don’t forget to tell them to share too. We need to spread this around the world. Once again thank you so much for your support. Let the battle begin.


  5. Reblogged this on By Hook Or By Book and commented:
    This is a powerfully written post from young Suzan on body shaming, which sadly shows no sign of disappearing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. You have been such a great friend to me. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate meeting you. Thank you so much for so much support and love.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Back β€˜atcha Hon. BTW, are you feeling better?

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  6. Some people have no boundaries and feel entitled to treat people with no respect. We are all human and each of us has different characteristics and physiques. This does not make us better or worse than another. I would definitely (and have) speak up anytime someone is shamed for being who they are. There are so many rich and deep things to discover in one another. I have been shamed in my life and it is difficult to deal with. Thank you for speaking up.

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    1. It is our right to enjoy our lives, no idiot should walk up to us to shame us. He/she has no right to speak about us. I have been so ashamed in my life that I broke up for a moment. Hated myself but I got back up and shamed them for their deeds. No one should tell us how to look. That is none of their business but some people have no voice. They need support and I wanted to be that support, that guidance, I wanted to tell them to get up and fight for themselves. You are beautiful. Be you. Thank you for telling me about your experience. Please do me a favour and spread this word. Let’s stop this together. All those people out there need us. Thank you so much. Do help people when you see them in that state please. Thank you so much.

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  7. Reblogged this on DearTedandJody and commented:
    Please read. This is very well done.

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  8. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:
    Here is a passionate post from a young woman who has suffered from the hateful trend in ‘body shaming’. This may well have been around for centuries, but Social Media online has turned it into a modern epidemic.
    Pleased read, and share the message.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Very passionate and nicely written post Suzan. While men are definitely shamed if their physical appearance doesn’t fit into society’s cookie-cutter norms, the majority of hatefulness seems to be reserved for women. What drives me NUTS the most is when women body shame other women. Grr.🀬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so true. I hate that kind of women and the worst part is I have been through this. I was too young and scared. The reason why I started real issues quip is to get issues like this out. I want the world to know that all shiny things stop glittering in the dark. Help me out and spread this everywhere and thank you for your review. Btw have you gone through any body shaming?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Then you know how it hurts, doesn’t it? I just want everyone to know that it should stop. πŸ˜”it feels bad.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You relate to me too much. That’s why i love youβ€β€β€πŸ™‚βœŒ

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ❀😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I have never participated in anything like this myself, but I have seen it mentioned on blogs, and on the TV news. So I know it goes on, and I agree that it can literally destroy lives.
    Even though it has probably been around ever since someone (probably in Ancient Greece) decided on the definitions of ‘attractive’, Social Media has catapulted it into everyday life with an alarming increase. Like you, I support the idea that a person should be whatever they want to be, and look like whatever they choose to look like.

    There should be more concentration on personality and character, less on appearance and physical ‘assets’. As long as we have the cult of celebrity, and the adoration of film stars, sports stars, and super-models, it is always going to be an uphill struggle. But a struggle we must all try to support.

    I don’t really like to see people covered in tattoos and piercings, but I would never mention that to them in a derisory way, or attack them on social media for their choices.

    Well done with this positive article, Suzan.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pete. I told you that I needed your help right?? I want you to post this article everywhere you can. I am not on Twitter so maybe you can post over there and if you may think it a good idea, could you reblog it?

      People body shame everyone they hate. I think it’s time to fight that. I need to help all the weak. It’s time to get up and fight. Will you help me out?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I will reblog tomorrow, and that will automatically share on Twitter and Linkedin. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks. I hope you don’t mind this. You are a friend that’s why I am asking for your help. Otherwise, I wouldn’t do that. Thank you for your support.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Of course I don’t mind. That’s what good friends do for each other. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you so much. Now I feel that I have a friend who I can turn to for help. That is very kind of you. Btw what are your opinions about this post?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It’s full of passion, and has good quotes too. I can tell it is something important to you, and you convey that well. πŸ™‚
        (Is that you, in the top photo?)

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Are you kidding me????? It’s not me. I do have Chinese eyesπŸ‘€. But that is no way me. I am 18 years old. I went through a lot of racism and body-shaming in Africa. So yeah I relate to it. If you want to know my personality I am the tiny DJ from the full house. Btw took that pic from Pinterest.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I wasn’t sure, as you used it at the top of your post. Just asking… πŸ™‚
        I have never seen Full House.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Ahhhhhhhh you have never seen full house. Wake up and watch it. It is older than you, no offence. Watch it and find out who I am. Goooooo😭😭😭

        Liked by 1 person

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