Core Of Evil by Nigel McCrery.

She wants a new life,
She’s taking yours.

Quote on the book cover.
Touch it and buy it:

From the creator of Silent Witness and New Tricks, we have a yet another charismatic blast. The novel, ‘core of evil’ is one of a kind piece that truly deserves your attention.

°~°: The reason for my late and irregular blogging is that it very hard to handle 3 lives at the same time; a student, a blogger and a reader.


Nigel McCrery worked as a policeman until he left the force to study at Cambridge University. He has created and written some of the most successful television series of the last ten years and if you are a binge-watcher you must know them. His credits include Silent Witness, New Tricks, Born & Bred, All King’s Men and Back-up. He is the author of five internationally bestselling Sam Ryan mysteries. Wow, right? Now let me review his novel.



The story is about a woman named Violet Chambers. She makes tea for her friend and herself. As Daisy falls to the floor, eyes streaming, face burning, Violet calmly awaits her death.

The second character DCI Mark Lapslie is diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder condition and his family leaves him and colleagues think of him as an unreliable person. Unable to work with his colleagues, his career is almost ending when he is addressed to attend a case. This case is his last chance to prove himself.

As Violet’s crime rate increases and the case gets tougher and tougher by the minute his neurological condition getting worse. How will the detective solve the case? How many people has she killed? What will he find when he catches her?


The first half:

Awesome, mind-blowing, fantastic. The interesting part starts at the start. It’s at first a little confusing just like every other thriller novel but as you keep on reading chapter by chapter the story gets crystal clear. Very surprising and shocking moments.

The second half:

The story turns killer. Each page will give you chills down your spine. The details and descriptive work of the author charm the novel. The best part is the climax, I loved it so much I read it again and again. It was unbelievable.

This story deserves your attention and you should definitely buy it. Please read it if you are a thriller fan.

The links are given, the storyline is given, what are you waiting for? Christmas? GO BUY IT AND ENJOY IT.

Till then read and motivate others.

Thank you.

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