Life’s a mess when all you think about is books.

We always end up in trouble. Sometimes we hate being who we are but unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it.

Sometimes life is so messed up that we feel like hiding ourselves from the world but it gets messier when we meet an over dominating person.

It was just about a week ago when I went to my friend’s house. We were sitting on the porch waiting for her mom when she arrived. By she, I mean that one person who always wants to show how cool she is for anyone and everyone to handle.

She joined as an uninvited guest and started dominating me. My friend has a brother who is a really sweet person and maybe she was trying to lure him but she forgot 1 thing that he ain’t a fish, honey.

So as she was dominating me and my friend, my friend’s brother came to open the door and he invited her inside. Oh Damn!!! We sat down and my friend ordered up some snacks from swiggy. While we were talking, this girl gets up and goes to my bag and asks if she could borrow my lipgloss, as I was trying to be in my best behaviour and not punch her in her pretty face, I, unfortunately, said yes.

She opened my bag and put her hand in and pulled out my novel. (That I will be reviewing about in my next blog) and she was like, “what is this? Are you some teacher, dork? Oh, I can’t believe I asked a lipgloss from a nerd.” The height of insult was crossed but I couldn’t say anything because I was at someone else’s house, so I shut up.

My friend’s brother pulled the book and read the title and was shocked, he asked, “hey, you read old books too? I love this book, how are you liking it?” I replied in a confident manner saying that it was not so good a read. He said, “why? what’s up?” I told him how I found the book quite usual and not special and he said that it was true. We were so engrossed in our conversation, we kind of forgot about a dominator.

It was awesome, others joined us in our conversation and told us about the kinds of books they read and I told them about my blog and after some time of utmost humiliation the “she” that dominates bookworms all over the world left, leading to my victory and some new friends and a new book club named “SAVVY BOOKWORMS.”

Hey guys, what does this incident teach you? Stop guessing, let me tell you. It teaches you to be strong because you are not the only person who reads novels. Many people do and they always come out to protect each other. It the bookworms’ code. I know it’s hard but life wasn’t, isn’t, and will never be easy but that shouldn’t mean that you give up.

If Nickelodeon’s show THE THUNDERMANS has taught me something then it is, I quote as Phoebe thunderman said it, “try to fail but don’t fail to try.

And with this quote, I end today’s topic.

Until then read and fight, stand upright, you may be a dork for her but you are Hermione Granger for some Harry Potter, guiding him through the unknown and a warrior for some Neville Longbottom, trying to turn him strong.

Thank you for reading.


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