Indian stories are timeless classics with a tinge of twist and whole lots of turns. But today as you all can see I am trying short stories. Why? I am a freak when it comes to reading. One day, while talking to my mom I asked her for some new books and a topic started and the topic was the golden era books that she used to read when she was my age. So it was decided I will try all the books she told me about.

Here I present a book from the Indian golden era the great tales of Panchatantra.

This novel is basically about animals. Some unique and fantastic stories but if you ask me I think they were not so good. All readers are mostly pros when I see this novel they are basically moral stories like if you have kids or nieces and nephews you can surely recommend this book.

Link to the novel is; https://amzn.to/31i8SpN

I give this book 4/5 stars. As I ordered a sample novel (means a small version of the big novel). The short stories in the novel I ordered are;

  1. The Lion and the Bull.
  2. The Monkey and the Wedge.
  3. The Jackal and the Drum.
  4. The Sage and the Swindler.
  5. The Crows and the Cobra.
  6. The Crane and the Crab.
  7. The Lion and the Hare.
  8. The Blue Jackal.
  9. The Camel and the Three Friends.
  10. The Pheasants and the Sea.
  11. The Turtle and the Swan.
  12. The Lioness and the Young Jackal.
  13. The Elephant and the Sparrow.
  14. The Monkey and the Sparrow.
  15. Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi.
  16. The Merchant’s Lie.
  17. The Bed Bug and the Poor Flea.
  18. The Weaver and the Charming Princess.
  19. The Ungrateful Man.
  20. The Lion and the Carpenter.
  21. The Fake Monk.
  22. The Girl Who Married A Cobra.
  23. The King and the Monkey.
  24. The Swan and the Owl.

These are the stories with awesome morals in each story. You should totally try it, and please help me enhance my blog.

Note: sorry for the irregular blogging, as my school is starting I have very little time to read, last year of high school. From now on I will be blogging on every Wednesday and Saturday.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please follow and like my post if it’s worth. I will be back with some crazy and new ideas to enhance this blog.

Thank you for sparing your time.


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