Hey guys,

Today I will be talking about the novel, the short stories that were the sole reason for literature evolution in India.

In today’s world, more books come out every day. In the new books, those old and classic books are lost. Today I will be expressing my review about one of those long lost book “the best tales of Akbar and Birbal.

The link of this awesome novel;

Sample novel link;

This book consists of many stories that will blow your mind. If you think that this book must be containing Indian words but that not true at all. Except for some unchangeable words, there are all English words with amazing stories. I can bet that you would have never heard any stories like this.

I bought a sample book with 39 stories and those stories are;

  • A Step to Death.
  • Birbal And The Shah.
  • Under Fire.
  • A Search for Birbal.
  • All For A Parrot.
  • A Mother’s Beautiful Child.
  • The Root of the Problem.
  • Akbar and his Empress.
  • The Obedient Husbands.
  • Blind Eye.
  • Gifts of God.
  • A List of Fools.
  • The Daughter of Birbal.
  • A Hair of his Moustache.
  • A Chariot for Birbal.
  • The Mother Tongue.
  • Whose Bad Luck Was It?
  • Learning a Lesson.
  • Where is the Donkey?
  • The Tough Taste.
  • A Child Wins.
  • Akbar and The Lord.
  • Birbal Counts the Crows.
  • The Best Weapon.
  • A Search For Fools.
  • The Magic of Sunlight.
  • The Devilish Disguise.
  • Who is Greater?
  • God Comes to Help.
  • Company’s Influence.
  • Weather at its Finest.
  • Akbar’s Jealous Wife.
  • The Right Choice.
  • Lime and Butter.
  • Heat from the Lamp.
  • The Most Learned Person.
  • The Justice of God.
  • Drown in the Rivers.
  • The Truly Learned.

These short stories amazed me. I have never heard or seen such unique stories, you must try it. I have given the link of the whole series and sample book too, in case you want to try it out first.

The links are given here again;

Sample novel link;

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading and please try the golden classics of India for an ultimate adventure.

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