Almost dark by Chandradip Paitandi.

Hey guys,

Today’s review is about a horror novel by yet another Indian author Chandradip Paitandi.

This novel is not as good as it seems, it is super boring. There are 4 stories in this novel namely;


•Animal Instinct.

•The Last Portrait.

•The Creep.

Yeti story is too obvious relating to the mystery and too boring.

Animal instinct shook my instincts to death. It was so bad and weird, I couldn’t handle it.

The last portrait was a little less torturing. The concept was good and the story was not so bad.

The creep was good but not good enough for a horror lover. Actually, I didn’t find any horror in it. It was a usual day story not too much fun.

It took me 10 days to complete 109 pages because I always fell asleep while reading. It is not worth reading but it is good for a newcomer.

Well, that was my opinion. In my opinion, I give it 2 stars out of 5 and I advise you not to read it. BUT if you want to torture one of your enemies or friends I highly recommend this book.

I am still providing a link for those who think otherwise and would like to try the novel.


Next time you will get an ethical surprise as I will be reading old Indian stories like the Great Akbar and Birbal because many people have forgotten those legendary books that actually made literature a profession in India.

Thank you for reading.


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