The Green Room by Nag Mani.

Hey guys,

I present another book review. The green room is written by an Indian author named Nag Mani. It is a horror story with a tinge of romance and thrilling experience of hostel life.

This story is basically about a haunted green room where strange things occur as the inter school play practice starts. It revolves around a boy named Rohan Aggarwal and his crush Chandni Joshi.

It shows some disastrous twists and turns as the truth about the haunted green room gets revealed.

Below is a picture of the summary.

The review of this novel;

I would give it 4.5 out of 5.

It had a really slow and uninteresting start with some vulgar words. The starting two chapters are very boring as the author stretched the introduction of the characters.

As the story advances, it gets very interesting and intense. It is a mindblowing novel, perfect for a bookworm and worth your time. It has a little romance, funny hostel life scenes and most importantly a very dangerous and shocking ending. It is a total thriller with each turning page you will feel goosebumps.

It is awesome, mind-blowing and very interesting. It’s worth reading. So try it if you love thrills and chills at night. The link is below, do check it out

The link;

Do read this novel.

Thank you and see you again with another review.

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