Hey guys,

Just a short idea for you all.

If you love watching series and can’t find them on YouTube and you also don’t want to use your money on Netflix and Amazon prime because you want to buy some books, try the Dailymotion app.

How to download it??

Well it’s very easy.

Use your Google Play Store or Android Market, if you don’t find it in these 2 places then simply write Dailymotion on Google/chrome or any search apps you have and if you are just as lazy as I am, go to Google Assistant.

Then click on the Dailymotion download link

You can use apps from beneath or download the real daily motion.

Now go in one of the links websites given, I will use the first but you may have differences in sites depending upon your country.

I am using helper.

Now press the install button. Iifyou are using the same site as mine, you will get this.


Don’t forget to press block when they ask you if you would like notifications or you will be tortured to death with notifications.

Now we simply press install the app.


Press download and after the download is done, go to your downloads in your Google/Chrome or whichever website you have used by clicking on its settings button and install it. ( I already have it so I can’t install it )

How do you use it???

Go in the app.

You will see news from around the world or maybe just about your country.

Click on search. It is next to home underneath the page.

Search whatever you like. I am basically a Nickelodeon and Friends fan so let’s search one of them.

Now go till the end of the page.

Use the playlist to watch whichever episode or series you like. ( FYI you might not find some series due to copyright issues) But what wrong with trying?

All episodes of friends are available. So less problem more fun because no need to sign up. Just watch.

Have fun and do use it if you are tired of searching for free TV.

Now that I am in Dailymotion, one or two episodes of friends wont hurt, would they?

Ok that’s it for today.

Thank you for reading and do try it.

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