Everyone in life has some grudges or some disheartening stuff that hurts bad. Let’s talk it through. Today I m going to speak loudly and boldly about our lives.

For once let’s be like them.

Our biggest problem: we can’t face the real world even after having the ability to punch it in the face.

Bookworms wherever you are, I can say that you agree when I say that we live with Romeo and Juliet in a wonderland. We look for Horcruxes with the great Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and my personal favorite actress Hermione Granger. We rule the world with every King and Queen, be it Queen Elizabeth or King Akbar.

That’s our biggest victory and our biggest problem too. We love novels, not textbooks but when a dear teacher asks a question. You, my dear friend, are the scapegoat of your class where all the students turn to look for an answer. You brought 98% in the exam; “she is a nerd, dude. What do you expect from her?”

You know the summary of every story that you have read and the latest news of any new upcoming novels. Whenever it’s English class or test, your hands shoot up in the air and if not, you still know all the answers by heart. the grammar words that even the teacher doesn’t understand properly are spoken by you.

You have classy and sassy comebacks for the pretty girls’ gang that you hide. You can  speak words to them that they have never heard of and they end up like “huh??” Won’t that feel good?

Being a bookworm doesn’t mean you can’t stand up to them. Heyyy sir/madam out there, you have the most important thing they don’t have and that thing is knowledge. Beat them up with words just like Selena Gomez kills people with kindness. Be confident just like Demi Lovato and DONT TURN INTO A SUCKER LIKE NICK JONAS. Well, you are already a sucker for books(no offense meant) so don’t be afraid.

When you don’t know the answer to something, don’t hesitate to say “I don’t know Ma’am,” you love novels not textbooks.

One last thing before I end today’s blog, don’t hide. If you love reading and you are a good reader or artist or anyone, just don’t hide from anybody

You have borrowed money from someone, don’t hide…RUN!!!!!!

That’s it for today. I just felt like writing something to seek the hiders.

Book reading takes a few days or weeks. So I thought why not have an opinion changer and confident booster post.

You like the post, like it and if you think I write good and encouraging stuff then follow, like and comment on my post and blogs.

Feel free to share your opinions and advice.

Thank you for reading.                                   

                                             Adios amiga.


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  1. Hi, Suzan.
    Thanks very much for following my blog.
    Best wishes from Beetley.

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    1. You’re most welcome, Pete. I love your blog it’s very unique and nice. Good things should always be kept close. Hope to see more of ur posts.🙂✌

      Liked by 1 person

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