Namaste people,

Today I present to you an Indian author’s novel named Penumbra. The author BHASKAR CHATTOPADHYAY is an Indian author and translator. His translations include 14: Stories That Inspired Satyajit Ray.

Now let’s talk about his original novels. (That I will try as soon as I am done with the novels I bought.)

Well, he is a new author so he has 4 books namely;

– Penumbra;

– The disappearance of Sally Sequeira.

– Here falls the shadow.

– Patang. (His debut)

So let us talk about Penumbra, shall we?

The summary on the back of the book.

The story starts with a letter and ends with a letter. One is a letter from his uncle who knows his mother who died giving birth to him. He is invited to a dinner party as it’s his uncle’s 60th birthday. He goes to the party so that he can get to know a little more about his mother. (Awesome starting, intriguing plot and well played with the main character’s emotions, you know the emotions of confusion over the letter and meeting a long lost unknown relative.)

The middle part is scary, hard to understand (unless you are Sherlock Holmes yourself), intriguing, thrilling, fantastic, mind-blowing and unimaginable.

As you can see the summary, he meets a group of people, gets stuck with them and has to look for the killer to prove his innocence, it creates an atmosphere of suspicion, thrill, and danger.

The ending of the story is something you won’t forget. I couldn’t understand, I read and read and read the last part again, not that it was confusing but it was unbelievable and outstanding. I couldn’t stop talking about it with my friends and family who haven’t even read the book.

It is worth the money and time you spend. The link is below and also on the picture caption so go and buy it, try it and recommend it to your friends.

So my last opinion, TRY IT !!!

The link is

   PS; I read penumbra before I started sherlock holmes so this review is a fresh one.

I preferred buying the book but if you want you can download it on amazon kindle, for a price though. Do try it, its a book worth appreciation and good book club discussion. 

Do follow and like my blog if you think it’s worth your time and give me suggestions for my blog.

                                                                                                                  Thank you for reading.  

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