Don’t waste your time!!

Hey girls,

You know we all have that one friend whom we hate but have to like because of our other friends or because we want to look nice in front of others. You know if we say something bad to her just because she has an attitude then people think that we are bad and she becomes the innocent one. now let’s teach her a lesson.

All your friends are making plans to have a social Meetup where all boys and girls from your school/ college/ from where you first met are going to come together.

Now the little princess asks you whether you need help getting ready and says that you can borrow her clothes for the Meetup. Trying to be “sweet,” you see. Well, you say NO because of your ego and of course because you have me. Crazy but true.

Ok, let’s see. We have a social Meetup with old friends and new ones and obviously that “friend” so what should you wear?? Oh, I think something casual and homey but cool and branded. So…Umm… Should I help? Oooohhhh yeah got it !!!!!

Close your eyes girl because I have something just for you.

These are taken from Do check out the links below.
-Tank top available in all sizes and covers;

-Super soft heram with pilates available in many colors and sizes;

-Women/ladies little cute owls necklace long;

-Heart shaped silver earrings;

-Bohemian multilayer leather magnetic wrap charm bracelet;

-Lace up shoes for women on a run;

-MINICAT roomy pocket series small crossbody cell phone purse;

(This purse has many colours including maroon and white but I couldn’t get a screenshot of those colours from Amazon phone app so go and check out those colours.)

We all need to show some attitude and be a fashion designer. So why not mix match silver, maroon and grey.

Wear a maroon tank top  with grey piliated Heram to show your unique style.

Wear the long night owl necklace to show you are a night bird.

Heart shaped earrings to show that you love and believe in love and peace.

That multilayer bracelet to show that you are a bad bad girl.

Have your lace up shoes so that you can feel free to walk and run. If you eventually end up on the beach, you won’t be removing sand from your shoes but will have a blast.

Obviously we need a purse. I mean you don’t want to lose your phone, do you ? Plus makeup is essential and you just can’t carry everything in your hands and what if the drinks are on you?
You need your cards/cash, don’t ya?

So burn your “friend” with that sassy and classy look. Show her that you have a wardrobe that she needs to borrow from.

That’s it for today. See you later, everyone

(Sherlock Holmes volume II review will take time. I won’t make up an excuse but I am too exhausted from exams. I don’t feel like reading at all but I will post a review soon, sorry)

      Thank you for reading.
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