Feeling lazy, boys. Get your fast track swag in just 5 mins. I mean you guys don’t have to put makeup so yeah 5 mins.

At home, exhausted, bored, watching TV and your friends call you up for a movie. “Oh no, man!! Not today, I’m a mess.” But then you find out your CRUSH is coming too. OMG, EMERGENCY!!!!! You are a bad mess, looking weird, feeling lazy and obviously panicking. No matter what girls say I know boys panic around crushes, Don’t u?

Now what ??? Bro, you have your friend. Now go wash your face and I will give you a surprise.

TA DAAAA!!! ( All these items are from amazon and the link to these are below )

-shrug (available in many sizes and colors ); -jeans ( available in all colors and size ); -bracelet ( adjustable and long ); -t-shirt ( available in all sizes and color may vary );
( If it does not open in WordPress u can try opening in browser by clicking on the earth button on top menu )

See, a surprise just wear these things and go to a movie. I m sure you will get a date on that lovely evening.

Wear a grey t-shirt for comfort.

A shrug for theatre warmness.

Tight jeans so that you don’t have to keep pulling it up again and again and again and again because it’s very embarrassing.

A bracelet to show your style and coolness because girls love cool stuff and an empty hand won’t look good and besides who wears a watch in darkness. How will you even look at it ?? Use your phone’s torch to look at your watch ??? It will look insane and crazy. DONT BE A LAUGHING STOCK BOYYY!!!

Sneakers to run ahead first in line so that your crush can have popcorn in the intermission.

Look cool and be confident. Even lazy people can look awesome if a crush is around.

Follow me for more tips and updates ( book reviews will be posted as soon as I finish a book, be expecting a Sherlock Holmes volume II review in 1 week )

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